Wellness Services

At The Yoga Sanctuary, we take an integrative, hands-on approach to health and wellness. Our yoga instructors and wellness experts work together to guide your mind and body toward optimal well-being. Complement your yoga practice by giving yourself the gift of relaxation, healing, and transformation.


  • ANY 1 hour session, $65
  • Package of 5 ONE HOUR sessions, $300
  • Package of 10 ONE HOUR sessions, $550
  • ANY 90 minute session, $95

Your package can be used for any of our wellness services, giving you the opportunity to experience a variety of sessions!

Private Classes

Learn yoga the traditional way, directly from teacher to student! Private instruction is a perfect complement to group classes. Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from an injury or illness, or an experienced yogi, private instruction provides a relaxed setting to address your individual goals and needs. Treat yourself to one hour exclusively focused on YOU! Your questions, your needs, your practice.

New to Yoga

It is sometimes intimidating to enter a class for the first time. That is why we have created a ‘new to yoga’ package designed for the beginner student. This package includes an individual private session along with 5 group classes. Your private session will give you the opportunity to learn yoga specific for your body and mind. The instructor will also use this session to determine the best mix of classes that will suit your needs. Click here to purchase a new to yoga package.

An Experienced Yogi

Private sessions are a great way to explore and deepen your practice. Whether learning headstand, studying yogic philosophy, or developing a home practice, this one-on-one session is customized for YOU!

Recovering from Injury or Illness

Our qualified instructors work with students of all abilities. If you suffer from MS, Parkinson’s, anxiety, or are confined to a wheelchair, you can still benefit from the practice of yoga. Let our instructors guide you one-on-one to experience the many healing physical and mental benefits that a yoga practice will bring.

Massage Therapy

Integrative Personalized Massage: In The Yoga Sanctuary’s approach to massage, the therapist customizes the session to the individual client. After a short consultation, your therapist will adjust their approach to suit wherever you are on any given day. Included in the modalities employed are Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and simple Ayurvedic Techniques (Marma Point Therapy).



Vedic Birth Chart Readings

Vedic Astrology, Jyotish in Sanskrit, is a 5000 year old science. Sister to the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, it maintains its relevance to this day. At the moment of an individual’s birth, the planets are aligned in a specific way. This alignment can be mapped out, creating one’s birth chart, a sacred mandala describing clearly and in great detail strengths, deficiencies, and timings of the soul’s journey. The Vedic birth chart addresses all areas of life and is a valuable tool for self-examination and understanding for any sincere seeker. A Vedic astrological reading will offer unique remedies to accelerate progress through awareness and suggested spiritual practices complimenting any yoga practice.

Some Things to Note:

  • To complete your chart we will need your birth date, birth time, and birth location.
  • Each session is 90 minutes.
  • Cost is $145. This includes the creation of the chart and the 90 minute chart consultation session.
  • Any follow up sessions to review ongoing questions without new chart creation are scheduled as a 60 minute, $65 private session.
  • For your convenience, readings can be done in-person, over the phone, or via Skype. 

Contact the studio directly at 941-505-9462 to book your session.